Aussie betting firm, Bennet Bet, has an eye on Bitcoin

The Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) has been investigating a new online bet trading platform that is using Bitcoin to bet.

The Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) has launched an investigation into BennetBet, an online betting platform that uses Bitcoin as a payment method to win bets.

The company is a Bitcoin trading platform, offering bettors a number of bets including bitcoin.

BennetBet is not a regulated company, and it is not clear how it operates.

Benny and his team, which includes one of Australia’s most well-known bitcoin traders, John O’Sullivan, have previously been involved in betting with Bitcoin, including on bitcoin futures and bitcoin cash.

Bitcoin is a digital currency that is backed by the trust of its users and is traded online.

It has been likened to gold and has attracted a growing number of businesses that offer the digital currency.

Bitcoin bets have been popular online for years, especially when they are made on an open market where other currencies can be more easily traded.

The website offers two types of bets: “bets” and “rewards”.

A “bunt” bet is when a betting exchange or casino takes a stake in a bet and pays out cash to the winner.

In a “reward” bet, a betting company pays out a bet on the outcome of a game.

A “bid” bet takes a bet that is either cancelled or won, but a loser is paid out.

There are several types of Bitcoin bets:Betting platforms like Bennet bet on Bitcoin and many other digital currencies such as Ethereum.

The online betting company offers Bitcoin bets as well as traditional bettings.

“We offer betters the ability to select one or more cryptocurrency bets for their bet, and then, upon receiving their winning bid, Bennets pays a payout to Bennets bettor based on the amount of money the bettor had won,” the Bennet site reads.

“The payout is based on how much money Bennets bid, the value of Bennets bets on the bet, the market cap of Bennet bets on a particular bet, Benneting fees, and the value and amount of Bennetts winning bet.”

Benny says Bennetbet offers a simple and intuitive way to bet on cryptocurrency.

“Bennets betting platform allows bettards to select a cryptocurrency bet from our vast database of cryptocurrency bets,” the company said.

“If you choose one of our cryptocurrency bets, we will pay you an amount equal to the amount you bid on your bet.

This will be paid to your Bennets account on the day of your bet, based on your position and total bet.”

The company also provides a detailed guide to betting cryptocurrencies on Bennet.

BennettBet is one of several new betting platforms that have emerged in the last few years, including Betting on Bitcoin, Betting Crypto, Bet On Ethereum, Bet on Bitcoin Cash and Betting On BitShares.


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