Which horse betting sites have been hacked?

The world’s biggest horse betting site, Betfair, was hit by a massive data breach last week, with the site itself apparently compromised by unknown hackers.

The breach came as part of a broader attack on the sites security that’s revealed by researchers at security firm Trend Micro, who claim to have successfully cracked the security of more than 70% of the sites hosting horse betting.

“This data breach is particularly concerning because it involves one of the largest horse betting portals in the world,” said Ben Johnson, the head of security research at Trend Micro.

“It’s an incredibly large amount of data that could potentially have compromised thousands of sites, potentially compromising hundreds of millions of users, including millions of horses.”

Betfair has since confirmed the hack and announced it will begin rolling out updates to its website in an attempt to restore normal operation.

The hack came after a breach of Betfair’s customer service department at 1:30am on Sunday morning, when a hacker sent out a phishing email promising that the company would “receive your order in less than 24 hours.”

After getting the email, the hacker then sent out an email to all of its customers.


I just received an email from your payment processor.

Your order is now ready.

Your funds are safely sent to the payment processor for processing.

Please confirm your email address and password before sending funds to us.

Thanks for your patience.”

When Betfair contacted the hacker, he told them that he had hacked into the payment processing company and had just transferred a large amount from their account.

“I’ve just hacked into your payment processing account,” he said in the email.

“They’ve transferred about $20,000 in BTC.

This is going to be a long, long, LONG time, but I need to transfer it to the Paypal account you’re using right now.

I’m sorry.

It was a mistake.

We’re sorry.”

After receiving the payment, the hackers sent out another email to Betfair customers stating that they were going to try to recover some of the funds, which included the BTC amount.

“You can rest assured that we will respond to your account within 24 hours,” the email stated.

“We’ve received the stolen funds and we will be in touch shortly.”

After a day of denial and denial, the hack finally came to light on Wednesday, after the company announced that they had “deferred the refund and will be sending you an email explaining what happened.”

The site has been contacted by Ars and has declined to comment.


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