Why the beta program isn’t worth it for Apple beta readers

Apple’s beta program for iOS 7.1 beta users is a pretty standard beta program that’s essentially designed to give beta users access to the company’s latest beta software, and it’s been a pretty successful strategy for Apple.

The company’s not shy about touting that it’s still a beta program at this point, and that users are still getting access to its beta apps at the time of this writing. 

But beta programs tend to get a bit stale, and Apple’s not the only company to have the same problem. 

There’s been plenty of other beta programs out there for years, and they’ve all come and gone over time, but Apple’s the one that’s stuck around. 

For years, we’ve been hearing from users about the beta programs they’ve signed up for that have been far more frustrating than helpful, and a few of them have come to the fore recently. 

Some of those programs have been pretty standard, and some of them are pretty disappointing. 

One of the most popular programs, Apple’s ‘AppleCare’ program, has been a fairly effective beta program. 

AppleCare offers a variety of benefits, including access to a variety of third-party apps and even discounts on the newest iPhones and iPads. 

In some ways, AppleCare has a pretty high bar to clear, and as we saw with AppleCare, that bar is actually higher than most of the programs out here. 

The program’s been around for years now, and its still relatively popular with Apple beta users. 

And then there’s the company-wide beta program known as AppleInsider, which is basically a form of beta program similar to the beta you can sign up for at a coffee shop, but with a bit more focus on helping you out and not as many restrictions.

AppleInsider was introduced back in 2014, but it has since gotten a lot more popular over time. 

According to TechCrunch, AppleInsiders enrollment grew from 6.4 million users in August 2014 to 14.3 million in June of this year. 

Over that same time, the number of AppleInsists in the US has increased from 665,000 to 1.5 million.

Apple has since introduced the ‘beta program’ that lets you opt-in to a number of different programs. 

It can be a pretty helpful feature for beta users, but that’s also an argument against giving it to the masses. 

With AppleInsights beta program out for free, it’s no surprise that it has been somewhat popular. 

You can sign-up for an AppleInsies beta program from the Apple Store or through an app called AppleInsignal. 

If you want to give it a try, just follow the steps below to sign up. 

How to sign-in for the betaAppleInsiders beta program is a fairly simple program, and you’ll want to sign in to it by the time you get to the sign-ups screen. Click the Sign In link at the top of the sign up form, and follow the instructions. 

Once you’re signed in, click on the AppleInsights Beta Program to begin the process. 

This is where you’ll sign up to a beta of iOS 7 that’s available to you. 

After signing in, you’ll get a confirmation email, and your beta sign-ins will start rolling in. 

We’ve been able to sign our beta for iOS 8 and 9, so this should give us plenty of time to work through the process once we get our hands on the new version of iOS. 

Before you can begin, you need to check that you have enough beta accounts to start the process, and if you do, you can always sign up more later. 

While the AppleInsides beta program has a very simple sign-out process, it doesn’t necessarily offer any additional benefits. 

Like the AppleCare program, it is not a paid beta program and will not offer a discount on your purchase. 

Your beta sign up is also limited to just one iPhone or iPad per person, so it’s not recommended to try signing up for more than one iOS device at a time.

Apple offers a number different ways to signup for its beta program:AppleInsidesBetaSignUp is a one-time sign up option.

This means you’ll have to enter your email address and password every time you sign up, and only once you have signed up will you be able to receive any updates from AppleInsigs beta program through your Apple ID. 

A new iPhone or iPhone 6 Plus will be automatically paired with the Apple Insider Program, and any additional iOS devices that are signed into the Apple Insiders beta will also be automatically added to the program.

SignUp for the Apple Beta program is not limited to beta users only. 

Sign up for the ‘AppleInsignals’ program that is available through


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