How to make a ‘bizarre’ hemolytic cocktail that tastes like chicken

By now you’ve probably heard the phrase “bizarre” or “tastes like chicken.”

It’s a phrase that’s been thrown around a lot lately in the medical community.

And if you’re a patient, you might have heard it before.

But why is it so weird?

Why do people love it?

We talked to the scientists behind the famous cocktail, Dr. Michael C. Johnson, who has had hemolytics on him for years.

“There’s no such thing as a natural reaction to hemolyzed food,” Johnson said.

“The reason people love hemolyzes is because it’s so effective at stimulating clotting in your body.”

The basic idea behind hemolyzing is to kill off the harmful protein that’s called TGF-beta.

But Johnson says it can actually work even when you’re not getting any TGF.

“It’s basically just a way of inhibiting TGF production,” he said.

That’s because when you inhibit the protein, the body tries to break down the clotting protein in your blood.

In the process, you’re actually actually killing off the TGF that’s making the clot.

This is why, as a result, many people find themselves looking at the taste of blood as a kind of “chewy, weirdly delicious” food.

“It’s not that it’s bad,” Johnson added.

“You can actually have a delicious meal and it’s not even really that bad.

It’s just that it tastes like something you might eat at the restaurant that’s served in a weird way.”

So how does it work?

Johnson explains that TGF is a very active protein, and when it’s blocked, it shuts down the normal processes of clotting.

But when it gets blocked, the proteins are able to bind to each other and attach to each others’ receptors in your brain.

When you eat the clot, you get the sensation that the blood’s coming out of your mouth and hitting your tongue, and that’s when it makes you feel funny.

Johnson explained that this also makes it a great way to prevent blood clots in other parts of the body.

“The reason it’s important to inhibit TGF before you eat a meal is because the body can’t metabolize it and so the cells that make up your body will die,” Johnson explained.

“In a normal meal, the cells do make their own metabolism and the enzymes will get their job done.

But in hemolyzers, the enzymes are inhibited and the cells die.”

In order to get the same effect, Johnson says you need to make your own clotting factor, which is a substance that is made by your body when you eat TGF or other proteins.

That means you’re essentially turning down the TDFs production, but you’re also blocking off the production of clot proteins.

This is the reason why you sometimes get a feeling of nausea when you taste a food.

So it makes sense that you would love to try a cocktail like the “tangy” version that’s popular in restaurants.

“A cocktail like this has all these different components, and it all works by stimulating the same type of protein that makes up blood clotting proteins,” Johnson continued.

“So if you’ve eaten the exact same cocktail you’ve been eating all your life, you’ll get the exact effect.

It really is a way to make the blood clotters less active and more vulnerable.”

Johnson’s cocktail is called the “Tangy” cocktail and it can be made using anything from chicken to shrimp.

It can also be made by simply adding lemon juice, lime juice, and vodka to your blood plasma.

You can also add more blood to your cocktail, but that’s because the amount of hemolyzer you’re using depends on how much TGF you’re inhibiting.

“When you’re just inhibiting, you basically just shut down the enzyme that makes the clot-making protein, but when you do that, it’s actually actually suppressing TGF,” Johnson noted.

“What happens is that the hemolyzine that’s made from the T-cells that make clotting cells goes into the bloodstream, and as it does, the hemoglobin in the blood starts to glow a different color.

That is actually when the TNFs production gets shut down.”

This is when the “buzzing” effect kicks in.

People love a cocktail that “bizzies,” because they want to see if it’s as good as the real thing.

So Johnson says the best cocktail he can make is a cocktail where you can drink it all at once.

“If you do it one at a time, you can have it all and not really taste anything,” he explained.

That way you can keep the cocktail on the side so you don’t feel like you’re bingeing.

“You can just keep it in the fridge, but if you really want to get into the experience, I would definitely do it all in


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