Which country is best to live in?

Which country should you live in when you want to buy a pizza?

Here are some key considerations for deciding between countries.1.

Quality of life1.

It’s cheaper to live somewhere that has good quality of life and has lots of people to help out2.

It has good infrastructure and people to work with3.

It can support businesses and industries4.

It is close to friends and family5.

It will attract the best talent.1 The United States: 1.

Quality and affordable food and drink2.

A high quality of the educational system3.

Good health care system4.

Strong economy5.

Strong media environment6.

Good infrastructure7.

Large economy8.

Great infrastructure, excellent universities, high tech, and clean air9.

The United Kingdom is one of the best countries in the world.1 Italy: 2.


Great universities, great healthcare4.

Good job market5.

Great cities10.

Great food and wine11.

Great weather12.

Great culture13.

Great transportation14.

Great education15.

Great media environment16.

Great people15.

The Netherlands is one a great country, a safe place to live, and a safe city to work in.1 France: 2, 3.


Great healthcare5.

Good jobs5.

Nice weather6.

Nice cities7.

Nice people8.

Nice transportation9.

Great environment10.

A low crime rate11.

Nice culture12.

Nice environment13.

Nice transport14.

Nice food and beverage15.

Portugal is a safe country to live and work in, but it has some of the highest crime rates in Europe.1 Belgium: 2 4.


High quality of healthcare6.

A large economy7.

Good weather8.

Good food and beverages9.

Good education10.

Very good infrastructure11.

Good people12.

Good culture13, 14.

France is a great place to do business, live, travel, and work.1 Spain: 3 4.

Excellent quality of food, clean water, healthcare, and education5.

Excellent healthcare6 4.

High-quality education7.

High unemployment8.

Very low crime rates9.

Large country10.

The health of the people10.

Excellent infrastructure and public transport11.

The quality of education is good12.

The price of food and drinks is reasonable13.

Spain is a good place to work, study, and live.1 Canada: 4 5.

Quality6 5.

High health care7 5.

A great economy8 5.

Good healthcare and education9 5.

The population is growing and the country has good roads and railways.10.

Low crime rate.1 Denmark: 5.

Excellent health care8.

A very high unemployment rate9.

A good education10 5.

Great places to work and live in11.

A lot of lakes and rivers12.

A beautiful climate13.

Very nice cities14.

A healthy culture15.

Sweden is one the best places to live.

1 Belgium: 4 6.


Great health care9.

Low unemployment and a great education10 6.

Great jobs and a good infrastructure12.

Low cost of living13.

Good climate14.

Sweden has some excellent universities and has some good health care.1 Iceland: 6 7.


High taxes and a very low unemployment rate10.

An excellent education11.

High cost of life13.

An amazing place to study and live14.

Iceland is a very safe country.1 Norway: 7.

Excellent medical care9 7.

A small economy10.

Highly skilled people13.

A clean environment14.

Good quality of water15.

A huge population16.

Iceland has good universities, a good economy, and excellent public transport.1 Australia: 8.

A strong economy10 8.

Excellent social welfare11.

No crime.14.

Low taxes and low unemployment.1 Finland: 9.

Great public health10.

High immigration10.

Good public transport14 10.

A long history of great education15 10.

Great nature16.

Finland is the world’s biggest economy, has excellent social welfare and good universities.1 Sweden: 10.

Good social welfare, high immigration, and good public transport16.

Low costs of living17.

High prices of food18.

Good cultural diversity19.

A highly skilled work force20.

The Swedish people have a very long tradition of economic success.1 United Kingdom: 11.

Great wealth and excellent social services12.

Excellent education13.

Many lakes19.

Very high taxes20.

A wealthy, educated workforce21.

A big population22.

Great economy23.

The country has excellent infrastructure.1 Switzerland: 12.

A quality health care and education14.

High wealth and good infrastructure20.

High social welfare23.

High public transport24.

A country that has a great and vibrant economy25.

A vibrant culture26.

Great social welfare27.

The Swiss people have had a long history and a wonderful culture28.

High wages and very low crime.1 Germany: 13.

High employment, low unemployment, and high healthcare


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