When the U.S. Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision unleashed a flood of corporate money into American politics, the left had to respond. Now, a lot of that money is coming back to haunt them.

Vice News article Vice President Joe Biden is on the phone with President Trump to discuss a “crisis” of the Supreme Court, a meeting that may have a lot to do with the election results and the 2016 Democratic presidential nominee.

Biden is speaking about the potential for “the most consequential election in American history,” he said.

“It’s a crisis of the republic.

It’s a Crisis of American Democracy.” 

 Biden, who was sworn in Monday, also said that “this nation is in a crisis.” 

In the wake of the election, the Republican Party was on the brink of a historic victory over the Democrats.

With the Supreme House majority now firmly in the GOP’s hands, a Democratic majority on the Senate is also a possibility. 

Bidens administration has made several moves to undermine the Republican Senate majority, but has largely failed to gain the Democratic votes to override their control.

Biden’s administration is also reportedly looking to undermine Democratic efforts to impeach Trump. 

 The President’s position is that the Senate has the power to impeak him, but is the Supreme court really that powerful? 

The Supreme Court has ruled in the past that a president can be impeached for obstruction of justice if the president is “grossly negligent in the performance of his official duties.” 

While the Senate may have the power, Biden’s rhetoric indicates that his administration is considering a different tack, one that may give them the upper hand.

President Donald Trump says he would have done the same thing if he were in charge of the Senate.

In a speech on Jan. 28, 2017, Trump said he would “fire” Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch, who Trump had nominated to replace Scalia.

Trump said he was “not happy” with the way the Senate was handling Gorsuch’s nomination.

“I am not happy with the Senate doing its job,” Trump said.

“The Senate should be in charge, not the executive branch.”

Biden’s administration has not announced any major moves to address the Supreme Senate vacancy. 

“We’re not going to get into the specifics of how we would address that,” Biden said. 

But in the wake, the President has threatened to fire Chief Justice John Roberts, who would be in a position to oversee the Supreme justices’ impeachment process.

Biden’s remarks are indicative of his willingness to use his power as Commander-in-Chief to change the rules of the game.

The President has used his executive authority to change and dismantle the rules that govern the political process, and to make it harder for Congress to hold him accountable for his actions. 

The Presidency is also in the spotlight after the 2016 presidential election.

The Democratic Party’s loss of the White House to Trump is the most consequential political blow to the party since the defeat of Jimmy Carter in 1980.

A lot of this could have been avoided, Biden said, if the Supreme Supreme Court had “made the right call” in overturning the Citizens United ruling.

The Citizens United Supreme Court decision paved the way for a flood in corporate money to the political parties, particularly in battleground states like Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin. 

In Pennsylvania, for example, the Democratic Party lost more than $400 million during the 2020 midterm elections. 

Republicans have said they won the 2016 election because of the Citizens U decision. 

For Biden, the Citizens Supreme Court was a chance to take a different approach. 

If Biden’s Supreme Court were to uphold the CitizensU decision, it would give the Democrats control of the upper chamber of Congress for the first time in 60 years, Biden told The Associated Press in a recent interview.

“We need to take back control of our government,” Biden added.

There are a lot more opportunities for the Democrats to be more aggressive, to take on Republicans and Republicans-for-life.


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