‘It’s Not The End Of The World’: U.S. troops say ‘We’re Here For You’

The Pentagon said Monday that American troops will be back in the Middle East after a four-month deployment that saw them fight alongside Kurdish and Arab forces in Syria.

“We are confident that we will be able to conduct a full-scale mission in the region to support the legitimate security and democratic aspirations of the Syrian people,” said Pentagon spokesman Lt.

Col. Jason Dowling.

Dowling declined to give further details about the deployment, but said that the United States has been in contact with the Iraqi government, the Syrian government and the Turkish government.

The deployment comes after Trump’s announcement of plans to send up to 8,000 U.A.E. troops to Iraq in the coming weeks, though it’s unclear if they will be in Syria at all.

Trump also announced Monday that he will soon deploy another U.B.C.F. troop force to the Middle West.


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