How to use Shure Beta 58a in your setup

There’s no denying that Shure’s new Shure Pro 58a is a fantastic upgrade over the original, but one of the main things that stands out to us is that it comes with a new Beta Decay option.

While the old Beta decay is a feature that Shures users have been asking for for quite some time now, the Beta decay mode allows you to tune the decay so that it doesn’t sound like the original.

The Beta Decay is a bit of a double-edged sword.

On the one hand, the new Beta decay can really get your sound into your mix more quickly.

On its own, it’s a nice tweak to make sure that your mix is a little bit cleaner, but once you set it as the default decay mode, it can also help you to get some sweet, crisp lows in your mix.

You can find out how to set the Beta Decay mode in our full Shure Shure 58a review. 

For now, we’ll be sticking with the default Beta decay and testing it with a couple of our favorite recordings.

Let’s start with some great old recordings. 

A quick rundown of the Beta Dampening feature: Beta decay works like a simple chorus mode, but instead of adding a chorus of sounds, it adds a bunch of noise to the mix to give it a little more punch.

The more noise you add, the more “stretch” your sound will get. 

To start with, you can choose between a low and high beta, but you can also set the Decay Decay value to either one of these modes. 

As you can see from the above image, the Alpha channel is a high beta and the Beta is a low beta. 

You can also choose between one of two cutoff frequencies for the Beta mode, which is a great way to get a little extra punch out of the new mode. 

We’ve found that the Alpha setting is the best option in terms of punch. 

Beta Decay can be set to one of three cutoff frequencies: High alpha: the beta is pushed down by around 1dB Low alpha: beta is slightly pushed down but still audible High beta: the alpha is pushed up by 1dB. 

The Beta decay settings are also very responsive, allowing you to create some sweet highs and lows without having to worry about it sounding too muddy. 

One of the biggest new features of Beta Decay, however, is that you can now adjust the Alpha and Beta channels simultaneously. 

This is pretty neat, as you can adjust the Beta and Alpha channels in the same way you adjust the overall decay of the sound. 

If you want to tweak your sound a bit more, you’ll want to experiment with the Alpha Decay mode, as that setting will also make it a bit easier to add some extra punch to your mix by adding a little noise. 

With the Beta modes, you also get two options for adjusting the decay of each of the channels individually. 

High Alpha: The Alpha channel of the decay will be pushed down Low Alpha: The Alpha channel will be left at its default level The alpha channel will remain at its current level With both the Alpha Channel and Beta Decay modes set to the same setting, you should see some great, smooth transitions in the mix. 

Finally, you have the option to set an equalizer effect to a preset that you’ve got in the preset section of the interface.

You’ll need to do this by clicking the Equalizer button on the left side of the mixboard. 

Shure Shures Beta 58b is a fairly standard Shure Alpha/Beta mode.

You get a bit over-saturated mids and a little little bit of compression on the lows, but it also has the same level of soundstage and detail as the Beta version. 

It’s not a bad option if you have a bit less space in your mixing area, but with some room to spare you can really push it into the realm of a great Alpha/beta mode.

Shure is also introducing a new Shures Pro 58b, which offers a bit better sounding and more refined Beta Decay. 

There are also three new preset filters: High, Medium, and Low. 

These three preset filters are pretty straightforward to use, but if you’ve been using the Beta/Alpha Decay filter, you might want to go back and revisit the settings to see if you need to adjust them. 

When you’re done tweaking your settings, Shure will send you an email to tell you the results. 

Here are some of the best Alpha Decay recordings we’ve tried so far: A great example of the Alpha decay in action. 

All of these Alpha decay presets work well and have been well received by many Shure users.

We’re also going to focus on the Beta, Beta, and Alpha Decay presets to give you a good sense of how they sound in practice. 

Check out some of our


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