Reddit’s bettors will have to wait a while for new sports betting options

If you bet on college basketball, you might have noticed that some of the sites offering sports betting have been dropping their games as of last week.

It turns out, however, that the games have returned after a delay of about a month.

A Reddit representative told Ars that the game services were temporarily shut down “in an effort to fix the issues that were found” in the games and that it’s looking into the issue again.

Reddit said it will not be “going back into the future” with its betting options.

Reddit sports betting has been around since August, when it began accepting bettings for NFL, NBA, and MLB games.

It was the first sports betting site to take advantage of a $200 million deal with the NFL.

The sports betting company had been offering betters a way to bet on games from its sports site for about a year, before it decided to go live with the game.

Reddit is one of a handful of betting sites that is accepting bet on NFL games.

Most of the other sites are offering sports bets for NBA games and the college game.

Those betting sites offer up some of their bettresses a chance to win cash, as well as a chance at a chance for more cash if they lose.

But for those who are betting on sports, the games are still a big draw.

If you want to get a feel for how these sports betting sites work, the Verge’s Jason Cipriani did a detailed breakdown last month.

But there’s also a lot more to it than just betting games.

In this week’s Ars feature, Ars looks at how the sports betting market is evolving, and how it might change for the better.


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