Beta-emission peptide for Alzheimer’s disease is on the horizon

Beta-EMP, or beta-hemolysis-catalyzed-protein, has emerged as a promising therapy for the brain.

The molecule has been proposed as a potential alternative to existing drugs to slow or even reverse the disease’s progression, according to a study published in Nature Medicine on Friday.

Beta-hemo-protein is found in all living organisms, but researchers were unsure if it could be made to work in the brain, the researchers said.

Beta hemo-catalysis was first demonstrated in 2012 and showed promise in reducing blood flow in patients with neurodegenerative diseases.

It also helped stabilize and slow the progression of Alzheimer’s Disease in humans, according a 2016 study.

Researchers have now developed a way to convert beta-emitting proteins to their non-emitted form in the lab.

In the future, this conversion may be used to produce a therapeutic form of beta-EMC that is less toxic and less likely to cause side effects.

This new approach, known as beta-catalyst, is based on a combination of a beta-helix and a beta amide, which are normally present in a normal protein but are also present in beta-CAMs.

The beta-amides are chemically simpler and more stable, so they can be produced from naturally occurring components in the body, and are less toxic to the body.

A study published earlier this year in the journal Nature Biotechnology found beta-Catalyst was capable of activating genes and changing proteins in the brains of mice, indicating it could have clinical potential.

Researchers said they hoped the research could eventually be applied to humans.

A beta-HEF-catalog of beta amides has been identified by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, and a group of Chinese scientists recently developed a version that uses beta-chemicals to manufacture the molecule in a lab.

Beta carboxylase, a gene that catalyses the conversion of beta AMPs to beta CAMs, was also identified in the mice and was shown to be essential for activating gene expression and inducing cellular death in the mouse brain.

Researchers hope to use beta-Carboxylases to create beta-CARC-catalases, which would be capable of converting beta amines into beta-carboxylated form.

“There is a lot of excitement around this molecule,” said Dr. Richard E. Wiedmann, a professor of biomedical engineering at the University of Pennsylvania.

“We think it will open up a lot more possibilities in the field.”

The researchers said they also plan to work with researchers in China to develop the drug in humans.

“What we are seeing in the next few years is a whole new field of medicine,” Dr. Wiesmann said.

“The whole field of Alzheimer research is really in the early stages of development and there are a lot left to be discovered.”


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