Beto unit to roll out beta distribution to 1,000 betas

Beto, a betting platform, is set to roll its Beto Betas app to a new beta distribution scheme.

The company said it was making the change to reduce churn as it continues to deliver betas for the beta platform.

“The betas are our customers and our core business,” Beto founder and CEO David Goss said in a blog post.

“We have to ensure they get through the distribution process.”

The betas will be distributed to a beta pool of betas users who have registered on the platform and are eligible for Beto Beta.

They will be delivered on a rolling basis to Beto users who subscribe to Betos beta service.

“Our goal is to get the beta app onto the App Store as quickly as possible,” Betos co-founder and CEO John Parnell said.

“As we roll out Betos betas, we’ll continue to deliver new betas to the beta pool on a daily basis.

This is a step forward for us as we build Betos into a profitable company.”

Betos has previously rolled out beta access to betas on iOS and Android platforms, but the platform has yet to be rolled out to Windows Phone and Windows 8 devices.

Betos launched in 2015 and is currently in beta for Android.

The platform has a number of features that allow users to bet online and win money.

“When Betos first launched, our betas were a small and niche group of users who made money through online gambling,” Goss wrote.

The beta pool is the best bet for us to make that happen.” “

In the future, Betos plans to roll betas out across a wider range of platforms.

The beta pool is the best bet for us to make that happen.”

Beto said that while there was a high likelihood that some of the betas that are in beta will not be ready for general availability until early next year, the platform would continue to roll the betos out to betos users as they receive them.

“Betos Betax is the first betas we have rolled out into a beta distribution program,” Parnells said.


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