Best Bet: NFL Playoffs: Bet on the NFL’s Playoffs on BetOnline, the leading sportsbook operator in the U.S., is launching a beta blocker for betting on the NBA Playoffs.

The beta blocker will allow customers to access bets on the first and second games of the NBA Finals, as well as the first four games of Sunday’s Game 7 between the New Orleans Pelicans and Los Angeles Clippers.

BetOnline has not released a timetable for when the beta blocker’s functionality will be available, but it has been available since last week.

BetOnline has partnered with to provide users with a betterer interface for the beta, which will allow users to access all betting options and allow them to create their own personal bet on NBA games and NBA playoff odds.

BetVovecher has also provided the beta option for the BetOnline users to create a betting history for the betterers, as part of BetOnline’s commitment to ensuring that customers have the ability to easily bet on their favorite sports events.

The beta blocker is one of several features added by BetOnline, which includes new bettors and users to its BetOnline platform.

Bet365, the online betting company that is the first bettor to launch the Bet Online beta, is also making improvements to its bet selection and betting history features.


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